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August 2018


BLog test

Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot , Jane Birkin ... What will these women have that we have all wanted to be like at some time? Ah, yes, they are Parisian and, therefore (and without fear of being wrong), they are part of the clan of the most inspiring women in the world. And if something French girls have, it's that chic style, that ' je ne sais quois ' that makes us absolutely mesmerized. Is it the clothes, is it the hair, is it the attitude? Perhaps it has to do with something beyond the divine and the human, something that they are born with and simply show as something natural. It's not what they wear, it's how they wear it. Surely you've ever fantasized about adding a purely Parisian touch to your look with a beret but, seeing that you don't belong to the clan, you have thrown in the towel . Too bad, it will be again ...

Today, there is talk of new codes of Parisian fashion , of Parisian women millennials , that if Parisian women are reinvent… Yes, we agree. But the eternal fashion to follow, has an immovable DNA that remains in time and will continue to do so. This is exactly what we have to hold on to. to be able to copy (or at least try), the women standard-bearers of chic. Jeanne Damas, Inés de la Fressange and Caroline de Maigret are probably the contemporary ambassadors par excellence of today's Parisian style. It was precisely them, together with the most authentic Street Style of the Paris Fashion Weeks, who have served as inspiration. But this time, we have not stuck to a simple 'get the look ', but, through a severe scan of outfits and photographs, we have uncovered the real keys of the Parisian DNA that we are talking about. (Yes, we are going to tell you about them)

Beyond the beret, the loaf of bread and the book, we have the keys and looks that fashion girls share French homeland to squander the style envied by all . Exquisitely disheveled: that's how they are and in this way they manage to be so in a masterful way.

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Bego / May 09, 2020 at 12:52

Me encanto su concepto, y con su blog hicieron que mi mente regresara a paris por unos segundos
Muchas felicidades por ser originales .

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